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Gold & Glamorous - a recount of Weddings in Woodinville from Event Success

~ Jacky Grotle of Event Success; DeLille Cellars Weddings in Woodinville 2015 Planner and guest blog post ~

"Gold, Glamorous and filled with sunshine!
My team and I created a stunning design "Gold and Glamorous" that took inspiration form The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles while incorporating modern touches that were well suited for the Chateau.  The day was gold filled with the addition of unexpected sunshine.  People were greeted by our models in Princess Bride Couture gowns and then able to enjoy DeLille Cellars and the grounds while enjoying D2 or Chaleaur Estate wines and tasting on lobster rolls, sweet potato crab cakes and poached pear crustini from Herban Feast.  The DeLille Cellars table is able to be extended an seat up to 45 guests. It was featured using half the size and dressed it up with gorgeous linens from BBJ, exquisite floral from Flora Nova, table settings from AA Party and little extras like favors and napkin rings from weddingstar.com.  The collaboration was classic and stunning.  Guests also enjoyed photobooth and the signature cake flavor (using Elderflower mousse using St. Germain liquor and passion fruit mousse) from Cake Noir.  It was an Event Success!"
 Weddings in WoodinvilleWeddings in WoodinvilleWeddings in WoodinvilleWeddings in WoodinvilleWeddings in WoodinvilleWeddings in WoodinvilleWeddings in WoodinvilleWeddings in WoodinvilleWeddings in WoodinvilleWeddings in WoodinvilleWeddings in WoodinvilleWeddings in WoodinvilleWeddings in WoodinvilleWeddings in WoodinvilleWeddings in Woodinville

Weddings in Woodinville

The following list is all the vendors who participating in Weddings in Woodinville 2015 at DeLille Cellars:



Your Wedding, Your Music. 

Your Wedding, Your Music. is a musical guest post from 2015 Weddings in Woodinville DJ's Magnolia Rhapsody:

Magnolia RhapsodyLove Song PhotoAt Magnolia Rhapsody, we understand the importance of music at your wedding: from the song that you walk down the aisle to, the tunes you groove to during dinner and finally,  the very last dance. And while we love music of all sounds and notes, we like to focus on those that want their wedding mix to be less about what everyone else is doing and more about music that is true to the soul.
Magnolia RhapsodyWhether your wedding is held in a ballroom, on the beach, or in a barn, it’s a time of joyous celebration and intense partying! But it’s also an unique production that involves many moving parts! And that’s where we step in with a personal approach to our craft. We work with clients closely throughout the entire wedding planning process to ensure we:
1) get our client’s musical vision and
2) sort out ALL the little details of the big day
And on your wedding day, we make sure that you remember us only as the background ninjas who ran your reception smoothly and provided the tunes for the ultimate dance party!
Magnolia RhapsodyOne Love Photo
Magnolia Rhapsody is the brain child of Beaux and Cho Breaux – a husband and wife team who bring their diverse and variegated passions and a ton of experience to bring your event to life.  If you're passionate about music, let's talk because so are we.



Weddings in Woodinville-a multi-venue party: an analysis of the show from a guy's POV

Weddings in WoodinvilleLet’s be honest, to a newly engaged guy, few things sound more excruciating than an all-day wedding show. The idea of being surrounded by stressed-out bride-zillas and MOBs in an endless sea of vendor booths at some gigantic convention center is enough to strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest groom-to-be.

Luckily for me, Weddings in Woodinville was nothing like that! It was nothing but a multi-venue party! There was delicious food, exquisite wine, live music and luxury transportation. Even if I wasn’t getting married, it would be a fun day to spend a Sunday (especially when there’s no football game!). And the best part was, everything was geared towards helping us plan the biggest party of our lives.

My fiancé and I have only been engaged a few weeks, so we’re new to this whole wedding thing. It’s hard to know where to begin. There’s invitations, venue, decorations, catering, music, photographer… It seems like the list goes on and on. But Weddings in Woodinville was a way to see everything in action. We met professionals from each aspect of wedding planning in their true element, at a real wedding! OK, it wasn’t a real wedding, but each venue felt like it! Every exhibitor we met was friendly, helpful and relaxed. There was no pressure to make decisions or sign contracts. The focus of the whole day was on fun. It seemed like the exhibitors were enjoying themselves as much as the participants were.

We also loved the prevalence of young entrepreneurs represented among the vendors. For the most part, the folks we met at Weddings in Woodinville weren’t just lowly employees of some big corporate events company. They were owners, often sole proprietors of small businesses. It was invigorating to see young people passionate about their business and we had fun brainstorming ideas for our wedding with them. 

Of the many great ideas we came away with, my favorites were: Weddings in Woodinville

1) Drinks at the door – JM Cellars handed everyone a tasting glass of wine as we walked in. What a great way to welcome guests and set the tone of your event!

2) Alternative Desserts – Who needs a wedding cake? We loved the finger-food desserts, especially the cheesecake and chocolates from Divine Confections. And if you’re looking for cake, try the gluten free magic of Stone Layne Baked Specialties.

3) Hand-Drawn Venue Map - Married with Michelle had a lovely and whimsical hand-drawn illustration directing guests to the various attractions at Willows Lodge. It was playful and effective!

4) Potted Plant Centerpieces  - The northwest feel of living ferns and native plants donning the tables at JM Winery blew our minds. They were beautiful and simple. We’re definitely using that in our wedding. Great idea MG Davis Events!

Now I’m trying to figure out how to postpone my wedding for a year or two, so I can go back next year for more tasty appetizers and wine. Or… maybe I can just convince several of my friends to get married next year, so I can take them!

Weddings in Woodinville

*Weddings in Woodinville-a multi-venue party: an analysis of the show from a guy's POV is a guest blog post from attendee Chris Maccini.  When not blogging you can find him hanging out with the South Lake Union crowd with his beautiful fiance Tracy.


Wedding planning-What should you be working on right now

The following is an excert from the Taylor'd Events Group Newsletter:

Taylor'd Events GroupDesprisco Photographyh via Taylor'd Events GroupWhat should you be working on?

If you are getting married this summer here is your list of tasks you should be working on right now, this is based on a mid-August Wedding.

Order the bridal gown and accessories
Finalize the guest list
Begin researching honeymoon spots
Schedule taste-testing and decide on reception menu
Book the rehearsal dinner location
Start wedding registries
Choose Videographer
Prepare save the date" letter
Choose Caterer
Send "save the date" notices to guests

Select the bridal party


You should have the follow done or close to being done
Choose Ceremony Officant
Choose Ceremony Musicians
Compile guest list
Choose Photographer
Select Ceremony Site
Select Reception Site
Choose Reception Musicians
Choose Florist

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Weddings In Woodinville 2015 at The Columbia Winery video by Pixel Dust Weddings

What an amazing tour this year! Thank you to all our vendors and attendees for making the 6th annual Weddings in Woodinville such a success.  And thank you to Pixel Dust Weddings for this awesome recap of Pink Blossom Events "Winter Sunrise" wedding at Columbia Winery during Weddings in Woodinville 2015.  

Weddings In Woodinville at The Columbia Winery from Pixel Dust Productions/Weddings on Vimeo.